The Program

We provide a quality-training program in 2D animation with world-class animators, using a curriculum that is geared toward ESL and begins with the basics of art techniques using pencil and paper. We have a strict policy of no client work for trainees - we want everyone to focus on acquiring skills and practice.

Selection of young local talent to join our training program is based on merit and socio-economic hardship, including those with limited access to education and career options, as well as an assessment of base talent. We have a focus to train and employ women in animation, as there is a current global imbalance in this workforce and a general imbalance for gender equality here in Cambodia. After successfully completing our vocational training program and pending performance and self-drive, trainees have the opportunity to be a part of the ithinkasia team and work on some really cool projects. 


Aside from our 2D animation curriculum, we will begin teaching 3D animation later this year. We are moving mountains here in Cambodia and having fun while doing it!  

We are making an investment in Cambodia’s next generation of creative talent. We strongly believe in the ability of young Cambodians to learn and deliver work at a premium standard.

Contact us and let us know if you would like to discuss funding opportunities, when our next training session starts and where.

Learn more about our trainees, and their stories below.