The Program

We are making an investment in Cambodia’s next generation of creative talent.

Our business is the backbone to our comprehensive training program. As a team, we use creative arts, critical thinking, and imagination to open doors for and with young Khmer creatives - big ones at that. For example, ithinkasia animation artists who were former trainees are working on projects for international clients like the Australian government and working under the tutelage of an art director who regularly animates on Dreamworks films.

The flagship design and animation program is a rigorous 18 month training period focused on fundamentals of graphic design, post-production, and 2D animation. We have a strict policy of no client work for trainees - we want everyone to focus on acquiring skills and practice.  

We select young local talent based on merit and socio-economic hardship and an assessment of base talent. We focus especially on girls. In this overwhelmingly male dominated industry, our girls are showing their peers that they have just as much, if not more, talent and drive. 

Learn more about our trainees, and their stories below.