I’d like to introduce the newest member of our ithinkasia team, Corinne Tan! Corinne is a great addition to our team, she hails from New Zealand and will definitely be instrumental in the development of our trainee program, I love her ideas and the work that she has already started with our team of Cambodian creatives. I’ve asked Corinne to share a bit about what brought her to Cambodia and specifically to work with us at ithinkasia. Welcome aboard Corinne!

 Justin Stewart - Managing Director ithinkasia.


Hello! Corinne here. I studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Unitec in NZ, majoring in Photography, but have always dabbled in Graphic Design and know a thing or two about social media from my own experimenting. I came to Cambodia initially with a heart for sex trafficking but the reality hit that I was neither a social worker, nor have I experienced the horrors of injustice. I also didn’t speak any Khmer language so there was little I could do to make a meaningful difference.

 As I learnt about what other creatives were doing in Cambodia and realised it made so much more sense to be working in a field I was trained in, up skilling talented Cambodians with professional skills I had that are not taught in Cambodia. I learned about ithinkasia the first month I was here, learning about who was doing what on the ground, and it was the one company whose model that I 100% agreed with and really excited me. What ithinkasia does goes beyond simply making a difference by grasping the full potential of local creative talent, and giving passionate individuals the chance to learn animation with the goal of employment.

In my second year here in the Kingdom, I’m excited to be in this role working on our social media so others may learn more about what we do, as I believe its definitely something worth talking about. I also get to work with our trainees, developing a curriculum that suits the business needs while championing their talents, fine tuning their skills, watching them go from not knowing how to use a computer to becoming top international level animators and media professionals. Working cross culturally has its challenges but I’m starting to grasp the full potential of how visual communication surpasses cultural barriers and languages, allowing us visual communicators to efficiently address issues that can be difficult to put into words.