Director Johnathon Peavoy – “I am terrible at any kind of design and secretly hope people will just think of it as “charming”

"Good Lord, you can't even have a tree on your property anymore.'

The Neighbours is a two minute short film, directed by Johnathon Peavoy. It tells the story of an elderly frog trying to find out who Scott Carrier is and why this tom cat is sitting oh so very high up in his tree, and how in the lord's name will he get him down.

This would have to be one of my all time favorite projects! We were so fortunate to co-produce this animated short with Galway based A Man & Ink studios, good friends and cohorts from the Joe & Jack days. If we could do this type of work every day then work really wouldn’t be work would it:) 

The Film is based on the recordings of the real life Scott Carrier, a radio producer and Professor of Communications from Utah University. The original recording of the piece, which is part of a larger set of recordings, first featured on The Story with Dick Gordon as part of their Neighbourhoods – All Sides Now segment, broadcast on Friday July 15 2011. While stuck up a tree, Scott is confronted by a confused and irate neighbour.

Directed by: John Peavoy Produced by: Jeremy Purcell / Justin Stewart Audio courtesy of Scott Carrier

Check out the blog feed from A Man & Ink if you would like to read more about the process behind this short animation.