One of the privileges of doing what we do is that we get the chance to be involved in helping to create change. At ithinkasia we love nothing better than raising awareness about important social issues in our home country of Cambodia.

We were recently commissioned to work with The Asia Foundation to develop 4 30 second animations to be used in a mobile application. This app is to be used to raise awareness, inform and educate woman and to provide solutions to end violence against women in Cambodia.

The animation revolves around the central character Dany. The character is based on a real life Khmer activist. Dany is passionate about ending violence against women in her country and changing the mindset surrounding this issue.

In partnership with The Asia Foundation, Golden Gekko and ithinkasia, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development-funded VXW Award gives activists exclusive access to world class quality design, facilitation, and developer support to build, use and scale mobile technology solutions to end violence against women in Cambodia.

Dany was chosen for her commitment to finding new solutions to ending violence against women, being a creative problem solver capable of engineering her vision in reality, and having entrepreneurial qualities to see opportunities for change and innovation.

Dany is very committed to helping Cambodian women feel empowered to stand up for their rights to live free from violence in the home. She challenges cultural and traditional norms that put women in the inferior position to men.

The objective of the app is to generate greater understanding and awareness of domestic violence for primary prevention efforts. Through animation and quiz features it seeks not only to help change the discriminatory attitudes, norms and practices that perpetuate violence in the home, but also to increase knowledge among women and girls of their legal rights.

Here are some statistics on the violence against women and domestic violence in Cambodia by A multi-country 2013 UN study.

25% of Cambodian women surveyed have experienced physical or sexual violence.

1 in 3 partnered men surveyed say they have committed physical and or sexual violence against a woman in their lifetime, making it one of the highest rates in the region.

54% of partnered men reported using at least one act of emotional abuse against a partner in their lifetime and 53% reported perpetration of economic abuse.

50% of women felt that violence by a husband towards his wife can be warranted if a wife behaves in an argumentative, disrespectful or disobedient way.

To learn more about Dany and the VXW Award click HERE.