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Cambodia, the kingdom of wonder! This is where we live, this is where as a company, we can achieve our goals. Goals to see a progressive increase in creative employment for Cambodians!

Cambodia has an incredibly rich history in the arts, one visit to the Angkor temples and you can’t help but marvel at the skilled craftsmanship. I’m constantly amazed at the ability of locals to create from almost nothing. I see this at the moto shops and car repair yards, the local markets, everywhere! You can show someone a photo of almost any product and odds are they can make it!

I’m not surprised that my Cambodian staff excel when trained and employed in creative roles, it’s a huge part of their culture. There have been huge difficulties to overcome historically but it’s an exciting time in Cambodia as we see the youth here get more and more involved in the arts. We have seen a real emergence lately in locally produced feature films, singer songwriters and amazing artists and there are a lot of amazing people pushing this movement forward. Phnom Penh is a city on the move!

From an animation and post production point of view we are geographically surrounded by countries that really do excel in this field. I strongly believe that our biggest asset to compete with these markets is our Cambodian staff. The young people that we train and employ have a hunger to be the best, they are willing to learn, are grateful for the opportunity and are incredibly loyal and committed. These attributes really stand out with our overseas clients and it’s one of the biggest reasons behind our growth. Our people are amazing.

I really do miss Australia, my family and friends, the beaches! But this is now home and when I return from my annual trip to Aus it feels like coming home. Every country has it’s negatives but for me the positives of Cambodia outweigh those.

Seeing our Cambodian staff excel in creative work is so rewarding. I often ask them what they ultimately would like to do with these skills, they always respond with ideas on how to educate and improve their country through animation and film. They are socially aware young Cambodians and they are awesome! That’s why we are in Cambodia.

Justin Stewart

Managing Director - ithinkasia