Not just a studio

We are providing vocational training and employment opportunities in animation and building an industry in Cambodia. We are catalyzing the next generation of Cambodian creatives. We aim to expose more young Cambodians to the concept of an artistic career by highlighting opportunities available in the arts industry. Currently, our business profits fund the animation training program where young Cambodians who show interest will have the opportunity to learn from professional animators!

While the profits from the production side fund our training and because we provide it free of cost to Cambodians, we are actively seeking supporters in order to scale up our training to reach beyond Phnom Penh city center. We want to give all Cambodians the opportunity to be able to train in animation and work on international films and television. We have a goal to become the largest animation studio in SE Asia servicing international markets in animation and post-production services.

Click below to learn more about our training program, how we will reach our goal and how you can be involved!