3.50 Feature Film

For the first Singapore-Cambodia collaborated feature film, ithinkasia facilitated casting, crew and equipment hire

From the creators: inspired by real events and set against the backdrop of Phnom Penh’s sex trafficking industry, the gritty and dramatic thriller “3.50” tells the story of a brash documentary filmmaker who ventures into the dark underbelly of Cambodia’s virginity trade to rescue a young girl taken from her village and sold into prostitution.

The multi-layered story crosses the narrative threads of a disgraced doctor, a foreign journalist, a taxi-driver, a street peddler, and a prostitute, as they navigate the socio-economic tensions that allow poverty and other social anxieties to flourish and is the first co-produced feature film between Singapore and Cambodia, involving cast and crew from both countries.

Set and filmed in modern-day Phnom Penh, the city stands as a microcosm of silent prayers and shattered dreams where disparate individuals are tormented by their conscience in desperate circumstances.