One of the most fascinating things about people working in the media and creative industry in Cambodia is where they acquired their skills and how they got into this field of work. Art is not a subject taught in public schooling and most young Cambodians have never held a paintbrush in their lives.

There are currently no TV production or animation schools in Cambodia, and naturally I was curious as to how Veasna came onboard at ithinkasia.

Veasna - “When I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be a lawyer, but I was introduced to this world at the age of 16 when I started volunteering at a local NGO as a reporter. I was given jobs as a journalist and junior editor and we produced a short documentary that was shown on local television.”

Over the following years Veasna’s personal interest in media grew as he worked with various NGO’s (Non Governmental Agencies). He learned foundational skills from both international industry professionals and through his own self paced learning via the internet and you tube.

Veasna and Justin first met on the set of a local reality TV show back in 2012 where Veasna was working as an editor and Justin saw his potential. When ithinkasia secured the animation for internationally distributed children’s series ‘Joe and Jack’ Veasna was brought on board as fulltime staff.

Veasna is one of ithinkasia’s senior operators with experience in Producing, 2D animation, Editing, Grading, Motion Graphics and VFX. He has worked on feature films, international and local TV commercials, television programs and animation. Veasna worked exclusively with one of our Perth based agencies for more than a year based from Phnom Penh. He’s pretty amazing!

In 5 years time Veasna sees ithinkasia growing, with lots of projects and staff with himself in a management role. He certainly has a lot to offer our trainees and his leadership and skill set is very valuable to our company.

His favorite thing about ithinkasia are the people. “Of all the places I’ve worked in so far this has been my favourite. It is incredibly valuable to be in a creative environment to be able to bounce ideas off other like-minded individuals.”