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Guest Post by Dan Lim, Camwerkz Pte Ltd Singapore

 I am very excited about the official opening of Camwerkz Cambodia. The media industry is growing in our region, as technology allows media to be transmitted online to virtually anywhere in the world. This is the time to tell stories with multimedia.

 Our venture into Cambodia began after our partners, ithinkasia, first used our equipment to make a feature film, 3.50. Instead of shipping the equipment back to Singapore afterwards, we decided that it could be very useful there, both for Cambodian filmmakers and for foreign production teams shooting in Cambodia. Since that time, we have had several international production teams hire our gear in Cambodia.

 Our goal for Camwerkz Cambodia is to give Cambodian filmmakers access to cutting-edge film equipment and to therefore increase the production skill level. We hope this means that one day, film crews in Cambodia will be able to be involved in international production, which will create a cost-effective production option for foreign productions, as well as expanding the market for Cambodian crews.

 We are working with Justin Stewart and his team from ithinkasia, Cambodia's premium post production facility, who we believe are doing a great job grooming local talent and will be a good bridge for foreign production to be done in Cambodia. Ithinkasia is well-established in Cambodia, which we think will help fulfill the vision we have for the Cambodian media industry. 

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