Last year we had the privilege of working with The Asia Foundation to produce two animated television commercials from concept through to completion. These commercials were produced in partnership with The Asia Foundation and Phnom Penh City Hall to promote cleanliness in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The first TVC focused on garbage collection schedules and the correct method for disposing of household garbage within the city. The second TVC was aimed at showing the correct method for disposing of plastic bags and to encourage the use of environmentally friendly bag alternatives.

It’s not uncommon in Cambodia to see locals starting fires for cooking using plastic bottles and bags. Garbage also floods the streets during the wet season and is an obvious concern in relation to the spread of disease. We were more than happy to help raise the awareness of correct methods of garbage disposal that can have a significant impact on a city’s cleanliness and the overall health of its population.

This was a great opportunity for our Cambodian animators to showcase their animation skills and story telling. We were very fortunate to have Dreamworks Animator, Patrick Pujalte in Cambodia at the time to work with my team as the Director for these television spots.  Patrick is a very experienced animator having worked on several animated features for Dreamworks. His experience and guidance were really invaluable to our team who soaked up every word of his advice!

The process for each TVC involved detailed storyboarding and artwork development. I was particularly proud of the way the team were able to capture realistically the city I call home. Being able to insert some local knowledge into this story also helped us drive home the point. Locals here know that it’s not a good idea to ride your moto in the rain, why? Because you can easily get sick from the garbage on the streets and in the flooded roadways. We added that scene in to emphasize that point, along with the very common sight of a toddler playing in the flooded streets, great fun but not the best way to stay healthy!

We were very happy with the result of both TVC’s and hope to do more with a similar theme to improve and impact on socially important issues relevant to the growth and development of this great city!