Last week ithinkasia hosted the official launch party for Camwerkz Cambodia. We had an amazing night. There was a great turnout of industry professionals who came to learn about our services and what we could offer local and international filmmakers in Cambodia. The amazing folks at “The Common Tiger” catered the event; we had a small presentation explaining the services and lots of time to inspect some of the gear brought over by our friends from Camwerkz Singapore. It was a great night of networking and learning and we had lots of fun doing it.

 It’s been about a year since we first discussed offering this service via Singapore with the biggest challenge being insurance of equipment in Cambodia. Here’s a quick review of what we are offering and some pics of the launch party.

Camwerkz Pte Ltd is the most preferred camera rental provider in Singapore. We want to be the rental facility that equips and provides local filmmakers with the right tools and equipment to tell their stories. We can now offer the full list of equipment from our Singapore facility along with our existing Cambodian based equipment, fully insured for filming in Cambodia. This has been a hurdle for filmmakers in the past with overseas rental facilities not willing to send their high-end cameras to Cambodia, the risk factor was always deemed too high. Not any more.

At Camwerkz, we believe in giving the best equipment and best standards of service. Our equipment has and will remain on the cutting edge of camera and grip technology, leading the local industry. We put our equipment through regular maintenance cycles so you can be assured of getting only the best. The Camwerkz inventory will ensure that you get great images for any budget level.


So how does it work? 

Select your required equipment from our Camwerkz Cambodia website. This site is a reflection of the Singapore site with pricing in USD. This will generate your order via email and one of our team will then contact you personally to confirm the order. Equipment will be flown into Phnom Penh by either our Singapore grips or Cambodian grips and will be returned to Singapore on completion of filming. Transport costs and insurance will be included as an itemized cost additional to the daily rate. For longer shoots we are more than happy to discuss discounted rates.

We really are happy to discuss your filming equipment requirements, please contact us and visit our office for a chat and coffee.