“I would like people to know about me that I started from nothing- people in Cambodia can do this too like outside countries.” Do

When you think about someone being passionate about their work, look no further than Do. When I first sat down with him I could feel his energy: he was ready to talk, wanted to share, and had plenty to chat about from his friends that he plays ping pong and soccer with to his journey into design. Do, like Naome, started out as a trainee at ithinkasia in 2012 and is now a full time employee and with plenty of laughs, I learned a lot about Do and found that he himself is a character of 3D dimensions himself.

 Before Do began the training program at ithinkasia, he volunteered during his free time (which wasn’t a great amount) at his church, New Life Fellowship, where current co worker Honglee saw his potential and urged him to apply for the ithinkasia training program. Once Do started, he couldn’t stop. A busy guy: volunteering, attending high school at Vatkos, and training in the evenings with Honglee, he knew his goal was to ultimately be on the ithinkasia team full time and made that vision a reality. ithinkasia enrolled him in ACE’s English program which peaked his confidence and the ability to work and correspond with a larger group, Do saying  “I was scared to talk with the foreigners…but now I can have conversation.” He certainly can, as we noshed and chatted about all the things going on in his busy life from friends to work to his dreams and goals.

Do enjoys the majority of all the work he does, and in a world where many barely slog through a day’s work it’s a true gift. It is apparent though that his zeal lies within 3D animation and teaching within the community just as he was taught. He excitedly explained, “My goal is that I want to be in 3D animation. To do all 3D, cartoon 3D, everything about 3D! This year I want to do 3D, like professional films, especially for Cambodia. Children in Cambodia need people who teach them about studying and children’s programs, to help them like Justin helped me.” In that moment I could sense what ithinkasia has already instilled in Do, something that some people go their whole lives without: enthusiasm. It was a moment that took me a bit off guard, to see this young man with such fervor and awareness of the needs around him- and it was a moment that I will appreciate for a good long time.

Do hopes that as he learns 3D with the guidance of his co-workers, experience, and classes which will then give him the tools to master the craft, he can extend his knowledge to kids with the same interest and help them to reach their goals. He explains, “They can do it and I can do it, I want to tell them that. I want my country to have people who can do all things, especially for media production.” Ultimately Do has an incredible outlook on the future and with more passion like his in the industry I see things moving upwards, onwards, and into our faces: as 3D does.

Anna Mischke


Twitter @annamischke