The What.

At ithinkasia we love what we do. It is our passion. We put all our effort, creativity and precision into every project we work on. In this industry it can be difficult to set your company apart, to distinguish yourself from others. There are a lot of great animation and post-production studios out there, but what makes one great? What makes it unique?

We believe the difference comes in the details. At ithinkasia we strive to focus on the details, the little things that most wouldn’t notice but that contribute and add to a great product.  We are committed to delivering the best possible services in a professional way. Our desire is to be one of the leading studios in South East Asia.

So what do we offer?

Animation:  We provide 2D and 3D services for animated television series and television commercials, largely for international studios. We also offer post-production for animation with online editing suites, closed captioning and mastering services. Worldwide Network deliverables for the Joe and Jack animation series were completed by ithinkasia.

Film:  We are experienced in digital film production and post-production. Our production services include equipment rental and the ability to source specific crew for feature film work within Cambodia. Our post-production facilities include our two premium editing suites with grading facilities and six offline suites, situated in a modern office above a great cafe. 

Television:  We have the facilities, equipment and industry know-how to produce television programs from production through to post-production. We have completed several Australian television programs working with three of the biggest Australian networks: Ten, Seven and Nine. We are the first post-production house in Cambodia to complete post work for Australian Television programs.

Equipment Rental:  Camwerkz is the premier film/photography rental provider in Singapore. As Camwerkz partner in Cambodia, we provide hire services for film and television projects around the country. Equipment will be available for hire direct from our Cambodian facility with additional equipment available from Singapore on request. Our rental facility can also source professional international and local crews. Please contact us for rates and crew cv's. 

Working in the field you are passionate about breeds longevity, innovation and commitment. We’re passionate about what we do.

That is “The What”.