Joe and Jack

ithinkasia completed ten episodes of animation for the internationally distributed animation series, Joe & Jack. We also delivered online episodes for the complete series to international networks. 

From the creators: Joe and Jack follows the exciting adventures of two best friends – a four-year-old boy named Joe and his cat Jack. Joe and Jack have the biggest imaginations and their days are filled with all sorts of comic adventures as they get into and out of trouble.

Produced by Dancing Girl Productions, Maeve McAdam, Villi Ragnarsson.
Directed by Jeremy Purcell.

The Neighbours

"Good Lord, you can't even have a tree on your property anymore."

From the creators: the Neighbours is a two minute short film that tells the story of an elderly frog trying to find out who Scott Carrier is and why this tom cat is sitting oh so very high up in his tree, and how in the lord's name will he get him down.

Produced by A Man & Ink / ithinkasia.
Directed by Johnathon Peavoy.