We are growing an industry in Cambodia by providing services that didn’t exist before, at a standard that didn’t exist before
— Jus, founding dreamer and CEO

We are a full service production, post-production, and animation studio based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - a vibrant bustling city constantly making moves and emerging as the new creative hub of Southeast Asia. 

Our number one priority is to always deliver premium content. Equally important, we do not compromise on the integrity with which we run our business. We have great expat staff leading our team including Gobelins graduate and former DreamWorks animator Patrick Pujalte as our head of animation. 

Starting ithink studios in Australia in 2003 with over two decades of industry experience, Justin Stewart opened the doors to ithinkasia in 2011 in Phnom Penh. After working briefly with an NGO in Stung Meanchey, the city’s trash dump, Justin decided to dedicate the new chapter of ithink studios to a business that would raise all boats - Cambodia’s creative output, talent base, and economy. 'Training into employment'.

Talk to us about your project and catalyze this new generation of Cambodian creatives.